Team Idemise Questup – Is This For Real?

One of the biggest problems facing World of Warcraft Players is learning to level a character quickly. Everybody has their own ways of getting experience, whether it be a questing style (meaning they complete quests for the experience) or a grinding style (meaning they kill things for the experience). This is one area most people are making a HUGE mistake. The work so hard to gain a few levels, that they get tired out before they even reach levels 20 or 30, let alone trying to get anywhere from 60-80. There are even some people who will PAY someone to level their characters for them. Don’t make this mistake.

I’m going to show you an inexpensive and easy way to get your character to level 80 as soon as possible. You can use an in-game guide built specifically for your faction to get you there as soon as possible. Horde or Alliance, you’re on your way to heroics! But what makes this guide different? Why is it worth your time?
Good question, I’m so glad you asked it.

Like I said, this guide is actually IN-GAME. No need to alt-tab between a .pdf document and your game. Every step of the way, the guide is RIGHT THERE for your reference. It’s an add-on to World of Warcraft, so all you need to do is install it into your addon folder, and you’re ready to go. It usually takes two to four minutes to set up. This program is called Questup, and it’s made by Team Idemise, who currently hold the world record as the fastest players to reach level 80, clocking in at a whopping 7 days of play time. You’ve probably heard some of the whispers about this. It’s changing everything for World of Warcraft players.

It’s AMAZING, and it gives you everything you’ll need to level faster than you ever thought possible. It has all the steps, quests, and locations for everything you need to do to get to 80. It’s like having a mentor right by your side as you play. You’ll know where to go, what to do when you get there, and how to get back when you’re done.
There are waypoints on your world map and mini map telling where everything is. There was a time when this valuable tool was only available for the Alliance faction, but it’s been so successful, they’ve released a version for the Horde as well. No matter where your characters sit in the eternal struggle for Azeroth, you’ll find something to keep you interested, excited, and improving your skills, gear, and levels.

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